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Simple, fast and low-cost. We understand your needs and are here to help. Get personal loans via a fast, online process at reasonable rates. Enjoy the new way to take personal loans.

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Tell us your needs and we will give you
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Our fees are amongst the lowest, due to our efficient process. Rates start from 12% (upto 30%) annualized!

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Get a new credit report and we reimburse the fees when you get a loan. Learn about credit reports


Borrow for durations starting from 3 months to 12 months , amounts from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh

Simple Online Process

So easy, you will come back again

Get a Personal Loan for

icon - urgent requirements     Urgent Requirements

Bank paperwork takes time. If you have an urgent cash need, like a medical expense, Credy helps you get money quickly.

icon - enhancing lifestyle     Enhancing Lifestyle

Borrowing at the right time can help you improve your lifestyle. It can be for a good wedding, an educational certification or traveling - whatever defines your next lifestyle goal.

icon - refinancing loans   Refinancing Loans & Credit Card Bills

If you borrowed at a high interest rate before, or need to spread EMI over more time, borrowing on Credy can reduce your immediate financial burden. Get Credit Financing Now

icon - education loans     Self or Children's Education

Don’t hold back on choosing the best course & institution for yourself & your children. Online certifications, exam preparation, childrens’ school fees or their coaching class - we cover everything. Get Education Financing Now

Credy For You

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Meet Rohan. Rohan has outstanding loans related to marriage and education. Rohan works as an IT engineer and recently got a raise. He wants to refinance his old loans and pay his credit card bill. Getting another loan from bank means tedious paperwork. He also wants recent improvements in his financial health to reduce his interest charges.
Credy can help Rohan get a loan
  • Fast
  • At reasonable rates and with flexible repayment schedule
  • with zero registration fees
Credy approves the loan in 24 hours at a rate of 15% and finalizes the agreement which is signed online. Verification is via Aadhaar number, removing need for attested copies and photographs. That's it! As Rohan repays his EMIs regularly, he becomes eligible to get more loans, at better rates and uses a mobile app to track and raise loan requests. No hidden fees and charges! With the Credy app, for Rohan, Credit is Ready. Join Rohan in enjoying hassle free loans at reasonable interest rates and zero upfront costs!

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