Brighten this Diwali with an exciting offer on personal loan from Credy

Diwali is just around the corner. In 2020, Diwali will be celebrated on the 14th of November in India. It is the time you get your shopping lists ready for the upcoming festive season. Diwali is among the most important festivals in our country. It is time to rejoice, celebrate and remove darkness from our lives. During Diwali, we lit up lamps and decorate our houses with lights to keep away the dark and the evil from our lives. It is also the time when many people remodel or renovate their homes, buy new vehicles, buy gold and silver or even buy new gadgets and consumer durables. All contributing to a long shopping list and expanding expenses. A personal loan is a blessing for such overboard expenses. Be it renovating your home or investing in gold, a personal loan can help you with the extra cash outflow. With our exciting cashback offer on the personal loan, we will surely make your Diwali brighter. The cashback will be credited directly to your bank on the disbursal of the loan amount.

Home renovation is an expensive affair and can toil on the budget of a salaried person. Diwali is the time people across the country plan to upgrade their home or apply a fresh coat of paint. A personal loan for the home renovation is among the top reason why people apply for a loan. It is easy to acquire, cheap and can be taken even if your house is not in your name. Unlike a home loan from banks which is only given to the person who owns the house. A personal loan does not require these documents and can be given to anyone with a valid PAN and stable salary account. It is an unsecured loan granted based on your salary and past credit behavior. A CIBIL score is thus necessary to indicate your creditworthiness and allow a lender to have faith while approving a loan. A good credit report indicates a responsible loanee with timely payment and a lesser chance of becoming a defaulter for a loan.

A personal loan is approved instantly and gives you the freedom to spend time planning on other important things rather than waiting for approval. In general, we have seen people getting the loan amount credited to their account within hours from applying. It will depend largely on the salary statement and your ability to bear the loan. Alongside the credit score and past credit, activities provide us indicators and help us approve a loan application quicker. You can apply for a personal loan from Credy online. However, ensure you have all your documents ready before you apply for a hassle-free and seamless loan approval procedure.

You can check your eligibility in a few simple steps on our website and Android app. Once you are eligible you can apply for a loan online and get the funds directly to your bank account. We believe in making the loan procedure simple and accessible to everyone.

Diwali loan for home renovation

Diwali is time for all your home renovation work especially a fresh coat of paint is something your house deserves. Laxmi only resides in houses with fresh look and cleanliness. Renovation is always a good idea for Diwali time and makes it ideal for Laxmi puja and welcoming her to your home. A fresh coat of paint is always the quickest way to make your home look new and fresh. You can also take this opportunity to repair and make changes to your home layout or add new sections for a new look or added space in your home. All these will incur quite a hefty cost and thus a personal loan is a cheap and feasible option. The low-interest rates and no hidden charges make it a great option for salaried people to acquire a personal loan from Credy.

There are tons of offers and discounts for your home renovation goodies that you will want to invest in home renovation during this time of the year. If you were looking to buy a new washing machine or style your furniture layout, this is the best time to invest in your home. For more enthusiastic people, you can choose to automate your home with smart gadgets and appliances. Home appliances and gadgets are at huge discounts during the Diwali time and you can get sick deals on your favorite home appliance. Make sure to keep your shopping list prepared from before to get the most out of your Diwali shopping budget.

Special offers on home improvement goods make it a great time of the year to invest in some new items and goodies. If you are someone who can overspend attracted by the deals and offers, having a personal loan to support you in a cash crunch can help greatly. A personal loan actually helps you in expanding your spending budget without pressure on your monthly salary. A personal loan being flexible allows you the opportunity to choose from different loan tenure to suit your salary and spending habits.

Special offers on home improvement goods make it a great time of the year to invest in some new items and goodies. If you are someone who can overspend attracted by the deals and offers, having a personal loan to support you in a cash crunch can help greatly. A personal loan actually helps you in expanding your spending budget without pressure on your monthly salary. A personal loan being flexible allows you the opportunity to choose from different loan tenure to suit your salary and spending habits.

You can choose from a tenure of 3 to 12 months based on the preference that does not put any financial pressure on the loanee. There are no additional charges or hidden fees on a personal loan from Credy thus allowing peace of mind while acquiring a loan from us. The repayment procedure is simple and can be automated using your bank account or other online payment methods. Online repayment makes it easier for you to manage your expenses and loan EMI without the need for extra effort to ensure financial independence. A personal loan does not need any security this giving you the freedom without the burden of a loan.

The process of application and disbursal is completely online making it quicker and easier for anyone in need to apply for a loan in no time and get funds directly in their bank account. There is no restriction on how you can spend the amount thus giving you the freedom to spend on anything you may want to without any need for justification. It is deposited in your bank account and thus can be directly withdrawn as your normal fund from anywhere in the country anytime when you are in need of liquid cash.

Who can take a Diwali Loan?

Anyone with a salary account and living in India with a valid PAN card and other personal documents. A personal loan does not require any collateral thus your salary account statement and credit score does play an important role in the approval process. Your salary determines your creditworthiness and ability to bear a loan. Additionally, your spending habits allow us to determine your ability to repay on time and avoid delays for the EMIs. We thus advise everyone willing to take a loan, to have a good credit report and ensure you always pay your credit card bills and EMIs on time. It will reflect on your credit report which acts as a determinant for your creditworthiness and allow lenders to have confidence in you while approving an application.

These are our basic requirements for a resident of India to secure a personal loan from Credy:

However, these are not the ultimate deciding criteria, we do have other indicators in place that can help us in determining each application based on its merit. There are instances where people get their application approved on Credy while got rejected by many others. We have the policy to judge every application on its merit and provide the best solution to everyone. At Credy we have a dedicated team of experts and willing personnel who are always ready to provide you any help in case your application is rejected or you are not sure about your eligibility. Our team of support staff will ensure your case is judged on its merit and try to grant you the loan as early as possible. Thus you can rely on us in your need of urgent cash for any planned or unplanned expenses that might arise in due course.

As there is no security or restriction anyone with a salary account can apply for a loan online and get it approved in no time. In addition to this, the online loan process makes it ideal for professionals to spend less time persuading a lender for a loan and invest tome on more important things. Usually, a bank or financial institution has a long and cumbersome loan process which is difficult for professionals and salaried people to run behind for a loan. At Credy we make it simple and hassle-free by making the process online and paperless.

You are only required to submit some personal details along with your bank statement for us to approve your loan application. We do not require you to visit us physically at any point during the approval as well as during the loan tenure. The online application requires few details which can be submitted online. Only after initial approval of your application based on the details provided, we assign a field agent who will visit you in person and verify the original documents of the ones provided online. This cuts down the time and effort required by the applicant to visit us and send us the physical copies of the documentation necessary for getting a loan from Credy.

Interest rates and charges

A personal loan from Credy is cheap and affordable for most salaried people in India having a stable income.

Loan AmountUp to ₹ 1 Lakh
Interest Rate1 to 1.5% of Loan Amount Per Month
Loan Tenor3 to 12 months
Processing Fee3% of Loan Amount (Minimum ₹500)
Early Repayment Fee2% of outstanding loan amount
Late Fee2% of EMI Amount per week

Apart from the above-mentioned charges, there are no hidden charges levied on the loanee through the tenure. It is affordable and does not incur huge interest rates for the loan amount to keep the loan burden lesser on the loanee. At Credy we believe in making it affordable and accessible for all, thus we have a transparent procedure for our loans. If you pay your EMIs on time there is nothing apart from the flexible interest rate which is very nominal. The one-time processing fees can also be discounted for your this Diwali up to Rs 500.

Diwali loan offer on Credy

Diwali is the time of celebration and sharing happiness. We believe the same and thus have bought a special exciting offer for our customers. This Diwali, renovate your home or buy new appliances without worrying about going over budget with a personal loan from us. We will ensure you have a better experience with our new offer of up to Rs 500 cashback on your approved loan. If you apply for a loan with us and get approval, you can get a cashback of Rs 500 directly in your bank account. So, no more cringing on the budget this Diwali while shopping for new household alliances or investing in some gold or giving a makeover to your home. A personal loan from Credy will come in handy for every expense this Diwali and ensure you have the financial support and freedom to spend without the burden of a loan. Thus make your Diwali sparkle with new clothes, gadgets, sweets and many more all in your pocket.

  • Coupon code: DIWALI
  • Valid till: 30th November 2020
  • Amount: ₹500
  • Apply and complete the loan application before November 30th, 2020. If disbursed, the amount will be credited to your bank account.

The freedom and flexibility a personal loan offer makes it ideal for people with a fixed salary to have the liberty to spend a little more on the occasion of Diwali without worrying for cash. Credy allows the freedom for a salaried person to have extra cash in hand during such occasions. The process is quick and easy for anyone to secure a loan from credy and provide the financial freedom to the general salaried people of our country. The exciting offer from Credy, assures you have a sweeter and brighter Diwali this year with Credy beside you supporting all your dreams.