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Education is the best investment you can make. But good education is costly. Don’t hold back on choosing the best course & institution for yourself & your children. Be it for online certifications, exam preparation, childrens’ school fees or their coaching class - we will help you finance your educational needs.

We have partnerships with educational institutes and we convert upfront fees into a monthly instalment plan that is free and convenient.

Customers can do a quick and hassle free application from our app.

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Propel your career with a online course or certification. Invest in yourself!

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Pay for childrens' school fees in EMIs. Flexible plans according to fee structure

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Pay for your children's JEE, SAT, PMT etc coaching in easy instalments

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Low on cash to pay for CAT, GMAT, CFA etc preparation? We got your back.

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Enjoy a hassle free online process using laptop or phone

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Terms customized to your course structure and financial capacity.

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Zero fees or interest for customers from partner institutes.

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Renew loan easily for next educational needs.

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Quality education is not a choice but a necessity for the future growth of any child. The cost of education has been a rise in recent times. Providing quality education to students is not an easy task.

Education loan gives the opportunity to every student with merit to get an education in top institutions of the country. No one should be deprived of the chance of fulfilling their dreams of studying at top colleges and universities to achieve their dreams.

The financial crisis should never come between a student and his dreams. Many big personalities who are one of the most successful persons studied on a student loan. Education is not a liability rather an investment for a brighter future.

In today’s day and age of rising expenses, it is difficult for parents to provide the necessary means for students to pursue their careers and interest. It is true parents do save up for the higher education of their kids.

However, a shortage of funds and cash crunch can arise anytime without any warning. An education loan comes in handy at times of emergency need of cash for education. A personal loan is an accessible option for working professionals to get an instant loan without the burden.

At Credy we believe in standing with the ones in need and provide a quick and accessible loan without any hassle. You can avail of a personal loan from us online without the need of visiting any branch or submitting physical documents.

A personal loan is affordable, accessible and can be availed with minimum documents. You can apply online using the website and Android App. Just provide a few details along with your salary statement to get instant approval of your personal loan.

An education loan from NBFCs or banks will require a lot of documentation and take a long time to get approved. However, if you apply for a personal loan you can get it approved instantly and get is disbursed directly into your bank account.

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that has no bindings of how you can use the fund amount. Once the amount is credited in your account you can use it for any purpose without any bindings. Thus, you can use the loan amount as an education loan for your kids and fulfill their dreams of receiving higher education from top institutions around the globe.

Who can Apply for Education Loan from Credy?

Anyone having a valid identity card along with a PAN Card and having a salary account can apply for a personal loan without any collateral. Your loan will be instantly approved given that all your documents are valid.

A credit score also plays an important role in the verification and approval process. Most banks and NBFCs require a good credit score to approve a loan. At Credy, we even consider an application from new borrowers who do not have a credit score.

However, it is advised to maintain a good credit report that will, in turn, help anyone to get a loan from any financial institution in the country. You can use our customized personal credit report service Scofit to know about your credit score and ways to maintain a healthy score.

At present we are currently operating in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Banglore, and Hyderabad. This is because we limit the effort required by an individual in getting a loan. Our field agents are responsible for visiting an applicant and get the documents verified in person.

However, we are expanding to new cities very frequently, so keep an eye on our latest updates.

How can you apply for an Education Loan from Credy?

The application process of personal loans from Credy is simple and follows a streamlined structure that makes it easier for a professional to get a loan without a hassle. Simply visit our website or use our Android App to send an application with a few of your personal documents.

Once your application is received you can expect the application to be approved within minutes. We have a dedicated team who are willing to go the extra mile helping you with your loan application in case you get stuck on any point or does not have any of the required document.

It is possible you might not be having an employee email that is required while applying for a personal loan on Credy. However, we can surely help you overcome this issue with other methods to identify your employer and your employment status.

As a personal loan is unsecured, the focus is given to your salary and earning stability that will allow us to approve your loan instantly without any issue. Thus, you are required to submit your salary account statement for us to approve your application instantly and proceed with the loan.

Once your application is approved you will be assigned a field agent who will fix an appointment at your convenience. He will approve the documents physically that you provided while applying for the loan online.

This greatly helps in reducing the time required for the application process and minimizes the effort required by an individual for sending a loan application. This makes it easier for working parents to apply for an education loan online without wasting any time or effort.

Why Take an Education Loan from Credy?

An education loan from Credy is affordable and hassle-free. You can get an education loan directly credited to your bank account in a few simple steps. In addition, Credy offers a flexible loan option that allows working professionals to manage their finances effectively.

Credy has a very affordable interest rate starting just at 1% per month. You can even choose from their flexible loan tenure of 3-12 months based on your requirements. The flexibility of loan tenure makes it ideal for salaried persons who have a fixed income.

You can choose a tenure that suits your budget and makes it easier for you to pay your loan EMIs on time without any difficulty. There are no hidden charges or fees for a personal loan approved by Credy. You only pay one-time processing of 3% of the loan amount (minimum Rs 500).

Credy offers easy-to-pay EMI options using various payment methods and wallets that allow flexibility to the users to pay their dues on time. We also have a reminder feature that will remind you about your EMI due dates in advance so that you never miss a payment.

Delay in paying your EMIs can have a negative impact on your overall credit score. It is in the best practice to pay your EMIs on time and avoid being a defaulter. Your credit management behavior reflects a lot about your creditworthiness.

If you always pay your EMIs on time and have a good credit history, getting a loan from any bank or NBFC will be a piece of cake. Thus keeping track of your credit and being on time makes it ideal for anyone planning to ever apply for a loan in his lifetime.

This is because every bank or NBFC will look at your credit score before approving your loan application. Additionally, your every loan, credit card and any other form of credit is recorded by the credit bureaus who assign a score based on your past credit report.

At Credy we offer paperless loan application process that allows anyone to apply for a personal loan without the need for paperwork and long queues at the bank. Taking the online route reduces paperwork and makes it a streamlined process to get a loan from Credy.

The affordability along with the ease of application and the flexible tenure offered by Credy make it an ideal choice for people looking for an education loan to secure their kid’s future.

Wrapping Up

Every student has the right to quality education and with the rising cost for education in the country, it is essential to have a helping hand in times of need. At Credy we believe everyone must have equal opportunity and no one should be deprived of an opportunity for lack of money. The affordable and hassle-free education loan from Credy not only offers monetary support but also help a parent in having the peace of mind knowing they can instantly get a loan to support their kid’s education.

User Journeys

#1 Journey of Muthyalu
Muthyalu (name changed) is 29 years old and lives in Begumbazar, Hyderabad. He had a requirement of ₹60,000 for education. Education loans help students pursue their dream education despite irrespective of their financial backgrounds. Muthyalu required money urgently but he was new to credit i.e. did not have a prior history of loan or credit card. Most banks and lenders want to see credit history before approving a personal loan.
Loan applications at Credy are carefully assessed for multiple factors such as monthly income, homeownership category, banking history, etc. Being new to credit is just one of the many factors. Muthyalu had a monthly income of ₹40,000 which is decent enough. Muthyalu's loan was approved and disbursed within an hour, after taking into consideration this and several other factors.
We are glad to have offered timely help to Muthyalu who is just one of our many happy customers.

#2 Journey of Sayed
Sayed (name changed) is 28 years old and lives in Dahisar, Mumbai. He had a requirement of ₹50,000 for education. Education loans help students pursue their dream education despite irrespective of their financial backgrounds. Sayed needed money quickly but banks and large lenders take a long time to disburse small loan amounts.
We at Credy, use an impressive combination of technology and analytics to make the loan application hassle-free for the customers and the disbursal quick! On evaluating Sayed's loan application, we found that he had good spending patterns on his salary bank account and decent credit history. After careful evaluation of this and several factors, Sayed's loan was disbursed in less than just an hour.
Sayed is just one of the many happy customers who got quick access to credit, thanks to our easy process.

#1 Journey of Khader
Khader (name changed) is 38 years old and lives in Vartur, Bengaluru. He had a requirement of ₹1,10,000 for education. Education is the basic right of everyone and education loans and must be easily available to students. Khader needed a personal loan but had 190 days of EMI delay on previous loans about 5 years ago which made it difficult for him to get a loan.
At Credy we do a thorough evaluation of the credit profile of applicants who have a history of delayed payments. We observe the credit and banking patterns meticulously before signing a decision. We noticed that Khader had constantly improved his credit health by paying EMIs and credit card bills on time and closing bad loans. There were about 190 days of EMI delay on his credit profile five years ago, which reduced to 0 in the previous year.
Considering this and many other factors, Khader's loan was approved and disbursed in less than an hour!
There are many happy customers like Khader who are impressed by our fast online loan process.