Apply Personal Loan Using Instant Loan App

Not all expenses can be planned beforehand. Instant loans give you the support and confidence to get quick funds in emergency situations. Instant loans are quickly approved loans that can help get a quick fund for your necessity. We believe in providing funds when you are in need. An instant loan can be applied from our app and get the loan approved as quick as within 24hrs.

You will need a few basic documents to be eligible for an instant loan from Credy. Your credit score and salary statement are mostly enough to get a loan from Credy. We have a streamlined paperless process to ensure your loan approval as instantly as possible.

An instant personal loan is an unsecured loan that is given against your salary statement and credit score without any collateral. This makes it easy to acquire a loan from Credy which you can repay in easy installments through a period of 3-12 months. Our Instant Loan App makes it an easy and hasslefree experience to secure a loan from Credy. You can use the fund to make payment for your home electronics or medical expenses or even your marriage. This makes it easier to settle your unplanned immediate expenses without the burden on your monthly salary.

Benefits of Instant Personal Loan App

The instant loan has the benefit of getting quick approvals online without any paperwork. You can get the loan amount disbursed in your bank account within hours. It gives you the flexibility to be financially confident in case of any unplanned expenses that might arise. You can apply for a loan directly from our Instant Loan App and get the amount directly in your bank account in 24 hours. It allows you the benefit of securing a loan without visiting any brank or depositing papers and waiting for the approval. All the backend approval work is done almost instantly through our dedicated team and using best in class technology. This allows us to make the approval time short and secure for the applicant. No documents are required to be physically submitted to us, thus keeping the complete process paperless and secure over our secured app and website.

Not only an instant loan is easy to acquire, but it also has multiple benefits as well.

  1. Customization: An instant personal loan from us is customizable in terms of your needs. You can acquire a personal loan from us up to 1 lakh rupees without any collateral and get the approval instantly. There is no minimum limit and you can take a loan for only the amount that you need. You can also choose the repayment period ranging from 3 months to 12 months based on your preference. The interest rates are also variable between 1-1.5% per month. We believe in making it easier for you to secure funds in your cash crunch situations without carrying the burden of high-interest rates for the loan. Thus we provide very affordable personal loans targeted towards salaried people having a fixed income source. With the affordable personal loan, you have the freedom to buy a new home appliance, or buy a two-wheeler or pay your credit card bill.
  2. Apply anytime from anywhere: Unlike your usual banks and lending companies, you are not required to visit us physically with documents to secure a loan from us. You can apply for a personal loan online on our website or instant loan app. We will verify your documents and ensure that you get your funds as early as possible. Instant approval for the loans also means that you can get the amount credited to your account within hours. You can apply for a personal loan from the comfort of your home with minimum documents and get approval for your loan application. The only limitation as of now is the physical verification required to keep the process seamless. We have to physically verify your documents without you visiting any branch. Our representative is responsible to visit your home and get the verification done on your behalf. This limits us to a physical area for verification. However, we are expanding quite rapidly, so keep an eye on us expanding to your city.
  3. Paperless: Our loan application process is completely paperless. You are not required to submit any physical document for securing a loan from us. Using our instant loan app or visiting our website you can send in an application for a personal loan. You are required to submit your salary account statement along with the reason for your loan and some personal documents. Your credit score does play an important role in the approval of your loan application. We will approve your application based on the documents provided and the representative’s report after your physical verification. Thus, essentially you are not required to get photocopies or submit multiple forms for your loan. We ensure the process is seamless and we are devoted to making it as easy as possible.
  4. Instant approval and disbursal: We believe in standing with people in need. We thus ensure you can get the loan amount disbursed in your account within hours. Your application gets approved almost instantly on our website or android app. However, you are required to wait until we have physical verification. It is our responsibility to complete the process as we assign an agent as soon as your bank and personal details are verified. Our field agent will visit you at your designated time and verify the original documents. This will cut down your effort to get the original documents verified and makes it seamless for anyone with a salary account to apply for a personal loan. We have happy stories of our customers who receive the loan amount within hours of application. You can expect the fund credited to your account by the end of the day if you applied for a personal loan in the morning session.
  5. Use it at your will: A personal loan is flexible and does not bound you on how you have to use the loan amount. You can use the personal loan for any situation where you need some extra liquid cash at your disposal. A personal loan can be used as a two-wheeler loan, or consumer electronics loan or paying medical bill or any situation requiring a payment. The approved amount of the loan based on your documents and reason will determine the amount which after approval can be used for any purpose.
  6. No collateral: A personal loan is an unsecured loan that does not require any security or collateral against which the loan can be granted. Collateral is the guarantee against which a loan is approved which acts as security if you fail to repay the loan. A personal loan is approved based on your credit score and salary statement. If you have a fixed monthly salary not less than 15000 per month and a decent credit score, you can be sure of securing a personal loan from Credy. You are not required to submit any papers of your assets as security to avail a personal loan from us.
  7. Low-interest rates: A personal loan is an affordable loan with low-interest rates to help in your cash crunch situations. A personal loan from Credy attracts a variable interest rate from 1-1.5% per month through a period of 3-12 months. This makes it affordable for every salaried person to get a little help financially in crunch situations. It is lower than your regular credit card interest rates making it ideal for people requiring quick cash. A personal loan is also approved instantly and disbursed very quickly. Thus you can get the loan amount credited to your bank account directly.

Eligibility for Instant Personal Loan from Credy

Anyone living in India with a salary above 15000 Rs with a decent credit score is eligible for a personal loan from Credy. The instant loan amount is capped at Rs 1 lakh which can be granted to anyone fulfilling the following requirements:

To keep the whole process seamless we appoint field agents to every applicant for verifying their original documents. This ensures you are not required to visit any branch to get your original documents verified before the loan amount is disbursed. Thus to acquire a loan from Credy you are required to be physically living in these areas for us to approve the loan. We are entering into new cities quite regularly, keep an eye out for us to be in your city soon.

Interest and Fees for Instant Personal Loan

We aim to offer affordable personal loans to a salaried person to help them in a financial crunch and give them the freedom to spend. The loan amount can be repaid in easy EMIs over a period of 3-12 months. We have a variable interest rate that is levied on the loan amount. The interest rate varies from 1-1.5% per month. This makes the loan affordable and flexible to be used for any payment or expenditure. Thus the loan tenure won’t be a burden for an average salaried person in India. If we are to look at the lending market, credit cards attract a lot more interest than a personal loan. If you are in need of a short ticket unsecured loan, a personal loan is a more affordable choice for its simplicity and flexibility.

We charge a nominal processing fee of 3% of the loan amount with Rs 500 as a minimum charge. Other fees that might be levied upon the loan amount are early repayment fees and late fees. Both of these are only levied in certain cases where the loan EMI was repaid before the tenure or you were late in paying the EMI. In the case of early repayment of the loan, a fee of 2% is levied upon the outstanding loan amount. Whereas in case you fail to pay the EMI of a particular month a 2% fee on the EMI Amount will be charged per week until you pay the due. These charges are only for certain situations, thus we are actually charging only a processing fee of 3% on the loan amount with no other charges.

Credy has the best instant loan app for Quick Personal Loans

The instant loan app of Credy allows you to submit an application, check your credit score, read about the success stories and know more about a personal loan for free. You can apply for a personal loan for your honeymoon trip or buy a scooter for your loved ones directly from the app. In matter for minutes, you can fulfill the dream you were stalling for cash crunch or not having the financial confidence of making a move. Initially, you are required to submit a few personal details along with your salary account statement for us to verify your creditworthiness. Your credit score will play an important role in the approval of your loan amount. Maintaining a good credit score is thus very important in case you are applying for any type of loan.

At Credy, we believe in making it affordable and giving the power to purchase to everyone eligible. We thus have ensured our interest rates are affordable with very nominal charges and fees. Our pride is to stand with the people in need with instant loan approvals and helping them in their tough times. We have created a seamless and transparent application process that guarantees you the peace of mind that you will get the fund quickly without chasing us. The whole application process is online which can be done on our instant loan app or website securely. You can check your eligibility today by downloading our app from the AppStore on your smartphone and entering a few details. Once you find yourself eligible, you can surely apply for a personal loan by signing up on our app or website. We will ensure your personal loan is approved instantly and disbursed to your bank account within hours. So that you can focus on more important things in your life without worrying about funds.