Get Instant Loan without Documents Online From Credy

You can get a personal loan online with minimum to no physical documents required while applying for a loan. All the process is done online with a focus on instant approval and minimum wait time for getting your loan. At Credy we have developed technology and tools that will help a customer to apply for a personal loan without any document on our website and android app. You can simply signup to our website with your name and a few personal details to get an eligibility check for a personal loan from us. If you find yourself eligible, you can move to the next step of signing up on our website or app and registering yourself as a loanee. The registration process is simple and will require information which you will generally have with you. You can apply for a personal loan directly from the app or website without sending us or visiting our offices with any physical documents. Your application will require your credit score which can be obtained online and bank statement which is also available online. If in case, you do not have an internet banking enabled salary account, you can always email us to our customer support with a statement from your passbook scanned or photographed.

Our team of experts and willing customer support will help you in your application if you run into any roadblock while applying for a personal loan online. We focus on keeping the process streamlined and transparent for our customers to apply for a loan quick and easy. You can expect the loan amount credited directly to your bank account within 24hrs from approval. The approval process is automated cutting down redundancy and physical verification. Only at the final end of your application process, our field agents will visit you in person for verification of the original documents. In the above case, where you were not able to produce a bank statement, you can provide the details to our field agent when they visit your home. This step ensures that you are not required to physically visit us at any time or produce physical documents for the loan application. You can essentially apply for a loan and get the funds in your bank without you actively visiting us or running behind us for approval. Once your application is received it is our duty to ensure the funds are transferred as quickly as possible to your bank account for you to utilize it when required without waiting. What makes a Personal Loan Paperless

Cutting down paperwork not only speeds up the process but also helps in protecting our environment by not wasting papers. Any physical paperwork does require some amount of time and redundancy which eventually slows down the process of approval of a loan application. Such is the case with your banks where paperwork and longer verification process might delay your loan approval and thus affect your planning. An online personal loan, on the other hand, is a fast and quick way to acquire funds without the hassle of paperwork. Our technology and tools help in instant approval of the loan application online thus reducing the time between approval and disbursal of the loan. With our process, we can disburse a loan within 24hrs from receiving an application through our online portal or Android app.

The absence of physical paperwork and forms makes it an easier and quicker method to acquire a loan. We have even cut down the traditional forms and have laid down a step-by-step procedure to make it easier for even first-time loanees to acquire a loan from Credy. You will need to furnish some personal information along with your employment-related information for us to evaluate your application effectively. Most of the information required is anyway always available with you, like your PAN number or your salary account details, address, etc. In no point along the loan process, you will be asked to visit us or send us physical documents or photocopies. We require everything as softcopy on our website or app whichever you choose to use for sending a loan application. The built-in tutorial will guide you with each step ensuring you put correct and valid details. Only after your application is approved we will assign a field agent who will visit you in person and verify the original documents of the softcopies you provided earlier.

After the agent verifies the original documents against the one provided online, you can expect us to disburse the loan amount to your bank account. A salary account statement is necessary for us to determine your income stability. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that does not have any collateral or security. It thus depends on your credit score and salary stability to ensure that you are capable to fulfill the loan EMI along with interest levied on it on time. If you fail to do so, your credit score will be hurt and you will be counted as a defaulter. A CIBIL defaulter will find it difficult to secure a loan from any lender in India. So, in order to ensure you get your loan application approved, you have to keep a good credit report and ensure there are no defaults and delays in payment of your EMIs. Every lender in the country is guided by credit bureaus who maintain records of every loanee and assign a score. This is the CIBIL or credit score that determines your creditworthiness and helps you in securing loans.

Who can apply for an instant loan online?

Any Indian citizen with a valid PAN number, a stable salary, and a good credit score can apply for a personal loan from Credy. The basic requirements ensure that every eligible person can get a loan from us without the requirement of collateral or security. For a personal loan, your salary statement plays an important role as it determines your capability to pay the EMIs. It will also show your spending and savings habits to determine a good or bad loan. Our basic criteria help us to sort out loan applications that are creditworthy from those which are not.

If you fall under these categories you can apply for a loan online on our app or website.

Why apply for an instant personal loan online?

A personal loan is a flexible loan that can help you in any cash crunch situation without any spending restrictions. A personal loan will ensure you can use the cash for anything you want whenever you want. The amount is credited directly to your bank account thus you can withdraw it at any time and use it at your will. A traditional loan has a long and tedious process of approval and generally takes a long time to get the cash in hand for usage. A personal loan from Credy, on the other hand, is quick and easy to acquire and gets disbursed within 24hrs. In case of a traditional loan from a bank or financial institution, you need to visit the branch physically and produce necessary documents and wait for the approval. Unlike traditional loans, a personal loan application on Credy is instantly approved and requires minimum to no documents. You can expect the cash to be credited to your bank account within 24hrs from the application and use the amount at your will.

Applying for a personal loan online has many benefits compared to any other type of loan. They are instantly approved, requires minimum paperwork, get the funds within 24hrs, etc. The online process makes the loan approval process easier and quicker by cutting down the time required for physical verification and tedious paperwork. You can also apply for a personal loan without any collateral making it ideal for salaried persons to secure a loan. A personal loan is granted based on the salary of the individual and his credit report. You are not required to own assets to secure a loan from us. A salaried person is more likely to not own any asset in his name or have high-value security which will make the traditional lenders and banks to avoid giving a loan. A personal loan is based on your salary and spending habits which will determine your creditworthiness.

  • The online procedure makes it easier for anyone to apply for a personal loan sitting at the comfort of your home online. You can apply for a loan by providing some personal information and salary account statements. It will help us determine your creditworthiness and monetary stability necessary to handle the loan. The online process will also cut down the long tedious formalities that are required for approval of the loan. It also makes it easier for us to verify your bank details online through internet banking. The online process also helps in the instant approval of your loan application and gives us the opportunity to disburse the loan amount within 24hrs in your bank account.
  • You can instantly check the eligibility so that you do not have to wait for your application approval. Our system will let you know instantly if you are eligible for a loan or not on our website or android app. Your traditional loan application process will need you to wait for the application to be accepted or rejected. However, we ensure you do not have to wait for an eternity to know if your application will be accepted or not. You might be in urgent need of cash but the delay in knowing your eligibility can make you wait.
  • The flexibility of personal loan makes it ideal for use in any case where you need urgent cash. A personal loan can be used for buying a two-wheeler or travel or medical bills. You can use it for any purpose without any restriction or need to take approval from the lender. The cash once transferred to your bank account is yours and you can use it in any way you like and want. You are only bound to pay the EMIs on time and ensure that you do not delay in the payment of the monthly EMI.
  • A personal loan also has the benefit of flexible interest rate and loan tenure. You can choose a tenure from 3-12 months when you take a loan from Credy. We also have a flexible interest rate policy ranging from 1-1.5% per month. The variable interest rate is meant to reward a person with a good credit record and timely payment of EMIs.
  • The nominal fees and no hidden charges make it ideal for a salaried person to acquire a personal loan from Credy. You do not have to carry a huge burden for your loan when you take a personal loan from Credy. 3% processing fee is the maximum charge on the loan amount making it very affordable for most salaried persons.
  • Online payment of EMIs makes it easier for you to keep your credit score healthy for faster loan approval. You can choose the various options on our website or app to pay your EMIs online and ensure there is no delay in your payment. This will ensure you get extra benefits and priority the next time you apply for a loan with us.

Thus the various benefits and perks do suggest personal loans as a great medium for cash loans for urgent or unplanned expenses. As they are approved instantly, you can expect the cash on time when you need it the most. The online application process also helps you apply for a loan quickly without any paperwork and chasing around for the approval of your loan application. Our whole process is quick and transparent making it ideal for anyone seeking a loan to get a personal loan with ease and minimum hassle. You can apply for a personal loan without any physical documents and get approval instantly. All the process is done online that makes it less cumbersome and accessible for everyone having a laptop or smartphone.