Celebrate Like a King With A Navratri loan

Navaratri is an important festival in our country with people from all parts of the country celebrating the win of Good Over Evil in a nine-day ceremony. The celebration of Navaratri is based on the story of Goddess Durga’s fight with the demon Mahishasura. Goddess Durga’s triumph over the demon king marked the end of negativity and flourish of positivity and happiness. It is celebrated all over the country under different names and has different significance but the motto remains the same throughout the celebration in different parts. It is called Navaratri because of Nine Avatars of Goddess Durga. Each day is dedicated to the separate avatar of the Goddess and has individual significance.

It is believed that Goddess Durga visits our Earth on these nine days to bless the devotees and fulfill their desires. It is also celebrated as Dussehra in some parts of the country extending the celebration to 10 days instead of the nine. Dussehra is celebrated as Lord Rama’s victory over the evil King Ravana who was killed by Lord Rama’s arrow. The day Ravana was killed is celebrated as Dussehra and a statue of hay is made to burn to represent the burning of all evil. In some parts especially in West Bengal, the 10th day after Navaratri is celebrated as Vijayadashmi where people visit each other’s house and share the joy of celebration together.

The story behind Navaratri and its significance

It is one of the biggest Hindu festivals in our country. The month of Ashwin marks the beginning of Navaratri. It is also called Durga Puja across many parts of the country where it is believed the Mother comes to visit her maternal house with her kids once a year. She is worshiped as the victorious mother who comes to the earth to abolish negativity from the earth and defeats everything that is bad. Goddess Durga resembles the victory of peace, goodwill, and dharma over the evil.

Navaratri begins on the first day of Ashwin month. This year Navaratri commences on 17th October and ends on 25th October. On the first day of the 9th-day celebration, devotees perform the ritual of ghatastaphana marking the start of the festive days. This ritual includes a Kalash which is established for 9 days and on the 10th day it is submerged in the water. Each of the nine days has its own significance and different goddess avatars are worshipped.

Day 1 is worshipped as Goddess Shailputri

Goddess Shailputri is regarded as the daughter of Hemavana, the king of Himalayas. She is also called the “daughter of the mountains”. We can find her sitting on a bull with lotus blossom and a trident on her hands. She is worshipped as the mother of nature and marks the beginning of Navaratri.

Day 2 is worshipped as Goddess Brahmacharini

She is the deity of happiness, prosperity, peace, and grace. It is also the second day of the Navaratri. The goddess is seen holding a rosary in one hand with a water pot in another. She is also called Brahmacharini because she is believed to be the “one who practices devout austerity”. She is believed to the eternal happiness called Moksha.

Day 3 is worshipped as Goddess Chandraghanta

She gets her name from Chandra (Half Moon) and Ghanta (bell). Her golden bright complexion is charming and represents prosperity, peace, and tranquility in life. She is ever ready to fight any devil from all directions using her weapons in 10 hands. We can see her sitting on a lion just like the goddess Durga.

Day 4 is worshipped as Goddess Kushmanda

The meaning of her name is “creator of the universe” and believed to have formed the universe from the dark cosmos. She is believed to bring light to the universe and thus a glitter is seen on one of her multiple hands. The glitter has its significance as the source of light in the universe.

Day 5 is worshipped as Goddess Skandamata

Skandamata is derived from two words “Skanda” and ‘Mata” meaning ‘mother of Skanda”. Skanda is commonly known as Kartika who was appointed as commander-in-chief for the Gods against the fight with demons. She is seen carrying her infant child with lotuses representing her divine nature. She is believed to bring prosperity for her devotees and their families.

Day 6 is worshipped as Goddess Katyayani

Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Navaratri. She has a fearsome sight with 18 arms holding weapons to demolish every evil and wild hair. She is believed to be born in a state of fit and rage giving her the raging look which even demons fear. Her rage emits a radiant glow from her body, warning every dark and evil to be aware of her presence.

Day 7 is worshipped as Goddess Kaalratri

Resembling the goddess Kali who fights evils with her dagger, the Goddess Kaalratri has a fearsome look with disheveled hair, three eyes, and a dark complexion. She is also known as Shubhamkari meaning "one who does good”. She defeats all evil and demons to protect her devotees. Flames shoot from her mouth destroying and burning everything evil in the path to keep her devotees safe and fearless. She is a nightmare for the evil but the protector of her faithful.

Day 8 is worshipped as Goddess Mahagauri

Her name means “extremely white” which is evident from her white clothes and her radiating aura of peace. It is believed that worshipping her will rinse your past, present, and future sins. Her luminous beauty is a symbol of her peacekeeping nature. Worshipping her is believed to bring inner peace to the devotees. She is seen sitting on a bull with a trident, a hand-drum in her hands. She is worshipped on the eighth day of Navaratri.

Day 9 is worshipped as Goddess Siddhidatri

She is the final avatar of Goddess Durga and worshipped on the final day of Navaratri. Her name means “giver of supernatural powers”. It is believed that worshipping her can give us the power to eliminate negativity from our lives and lead a life filled with happiness. Even Gods worship her for the supernatural power she gives to her devotees. She sits on a lion carrying a lotus, Sudarshan chakra, a trident, and a conch shell.

Each of the avatars has special powers and is worshipped for its significance and achieving specific goals in personal life. Though the names and rituals differ across the various states of the country, the idea of victory over evil remains the same.

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