Make Your New Year Big With A Quick Personal Loan

Make bigger plans this new year with a personal loan from Credy. You can buy a new car this new year or buy new consumer durables for the home. A personal loan can be handy to manage the extra expense that might arise for your new year plans. You can also use a personal loan to plan a trip with your family this new year. If we have been waiting for a getaway, the new year is the perfect time for travel. There are discounts and offers from top travel planners and hotel booking websites during the holiday season leading up to the new year. A personal loan is an easy and affordable choice when it comes to getting extra cash for a big family trip. As a personal loan is flexible you can use it for paying any expenses during a trip without any instructions. the amount is directly credited to your bank account ensuring that you can use it as and when required withdrawing from your bank account.

A personal loan also offers easy EMIs and flexible low-interest rates that make it ideal for a salaried person to plan a bike family trip without worrying about a cash crunch. At Credy you can get a personal loan up to rupees 1 lakhs approved instantly for interest rates as low as 1% per month. You can choose flexible tenure based on your expense and economic condition ranging from 3 to 12 months. There are no hidden charges for a personal loan taken from Credy. We believe in having a transparent and functional procedure which makes it easier for an individual to secure a loan from Credy without any hassle. Credy believes in making it paperless and convenient for every borrower. You can thus use our website or Android app to send an application for a personal loan in few simple steps sitting at the comfort of your home. Additionally, Credy has a special offer for its customers applying for a personal loan during the new year.

The loan application procedure is online which cuts down the time required for approval as well as disbursal of the loan amount into customers’ bank accounts. Your loan application once received at our end is approved within minutes and you can expect the funds within 24 hours in your bank account. We follow a streamlined structure which makes it quicker for us to approve a loan application and disburse the amount into the bank within hours. You are also required to have very minimum documents necessary to get a personal loan from Credy. Having your PAN card and Aadhar card makes it easier for us to verify your identity as well as past credit records. Your pan card is thus very necessary for determining your previous credit history. Your credit score determines your creditworthiness that allows the lenders a higher loan amount or offers lower interest rates. A good credit score shows your credit Management abilities and ensures you are a good borrower. Lenders will feel more confident in giving a loan to a person with a higher credit score than someone having a low credit score.

The new year is time for merrymaking and having parties and having a good time with family and friends. you are bound to expand more than usual and the holiday season setting up to the new year. Additionally, various offers and discounts across the market make it hard to contain yourself from buying new items. Buying yourself a new computer or planning for a family car makes sense during this time of the year when brands offer exciting discounts. If you are someone who wants to get married in the new year's day. A personal loan to handle the unplanned expenses for the wedding can come in handy. Applying for a personal loan for marriage is easy and requires very few documentation to get approval. Once approved the amount is transferred to your bank account which can be then used for paying any expenses related to your marriage or outside it without any restriction. As a personal loan is affordable compared to other forms of loan it does not put much pressure on your usual budget. It is unsecured meaning you are not required to have collaterals for getting a personal loan. This makes it easier for a salaried person to secure a personal loan.

What you can do with a New Year Loan from Credy?

With a new year loan, you can make it a special start to a year and have a blast or upgrade yourself or your home with some extra liquid cash in hand. If you are someone who loves parties and want to have a big blast this new year at some music festival. Having a personal loan to fulfill your childhood dream of attending a new year music festival can come true. It is a once in a lifetime experience making it ideal for you to get a loan to manage the overhead. Although it is a loan, the affordable interest rates, and no hidden charges make it a great choice for people having a fixed income source. You can pay off the personal loan in easy EMIs using the various repayment methods and auto-debit features make it easier to manage your loan. You are no longer required to keep check of your due date to make your EMI payment on time. Timely payment of the EMIs makes it ideal to maintain a high credit score that will help you in getting a loan in the future.

  • Plan a vacation: if you an avid Traveller and love exploring the world, to the new year is a great time to plan for a vacation with your family or friends. A personal loan can help you manage the various travel expenses without the burden of a loan. it will also help you plan your vacation better without worrying about cash. You can have a better time with your family and friends doing things you love rather than worrying about the expenses. A personal loan can give you the flexibility to expand your travel budget to fit in activities or experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise. Additionally, as the amount is credited directly into a bank account you have the flexibility of withdrawing it from anywhere in as and when required. This gives you the financial peace of mind while planning a vacation.
  • Buy a Two Wheeler: If you are someone who has been planning for a bike or two-wheeler for some time. The new year is the right time to purchase a bike or two-wheeler as there are exciting offers and discounts from popular brands. Getting a vehicle loan from a bank takes a lot of time and effort to get the approval for the loan. On the other hand, getting a personal loan is easy and the application process is approved within minutes. You can use the fund approved as a personal loan to pay for your two-wheeler or bike without the burden of a vehicle loan. A personal loan can be paid off in equal installments making it easier for you to pay off the debt on time without any late payment fees. A personal loan from Credy has a flexible interest rate which is beneficial and makes it cheaper to get a loan for buying a two-wheeler.
  • Buying new consumer durables: If you have been planning to buy a 65-inch wallpaper TV which you had been going on for months the new year is a great time for electronics shopping. buying gifts and electronics very popular during the holiday season which makes it a great time for buying electronics at great discounts and offers. therefore make sure you apply for a personal loan beforehand so that you have the cash at your disposal when you find your dream gadget on sale. Taking a personal loan to buy new electronics or gadgets for your home, will help you manage the extra cash requirement from your fixed salary without the burden of higher interest rates.
  • Home Renovation: a personal loan can be used for home renovation making it an affordable choice instead of a loan from a bank. the best part of taking a personal loan for the home renovation is the absence of collaterals. You can take a home renovation loan, even if the home is not in your name making it easier for new professionals to get a personal loan. Anyone with a valid PAN card, identification proof, salary account, and a good credit score can easily get a personal loan approved within minutes. The approved amount can be used to repair, paint, or any other building or cosmetic changes required for your home.
  • Marriage: some people like to get married on special days like the new year’s day. marriage is an expensive affair that has many unplanned expenses. A personal loan can help you get instant extra cash for the unplanned expenses that might arise in a marriage ceremony. As you can use the funds for any expenses you may like without any restriction getting a personal loan for your marriage make sense. If you are someone planning to get married in the new year's day. Getting a loan from Credy will give you some extra benefits and discounts on the occasion of the new year.

Who can take a New Year Loan from Credy?

As of now, we have some geographical limitations that give us access to some limited area. Our requirement for getting a personal loan is very minimum and basic to everyone in the country.

However, we are expanding to new areas consistently, thus keep an eye for an update if you belong to any other cities apart from the one mentioned above. This is because we have a physical verification process that causes down the time required for approval of loan applications. It also helps the customers to get their approval done without any hassle or them visiting any office as our agents visit our customers at their home for verification. In addition to these requirements, having a good credit score makes it easier for us to approve your loan. A good credit score provides extra discounts and offers to customers having a good past credit history.

Charges and Fees on New Year Loan from Credy

The below table represents the charges and fees that a customer has to bear when he takes a personal loan from Credy. There are no hidden charges apart from the ones mentioned in the table. This makes it affordable for the most salaried person to get a personal loan from Credy. there auto-debit feature and other payment options make it easier to prepare your EMI sometime directly from the Credy app or website. You can also use the app or visit the website to check your eligibility for a personal loan and send an application for no charges. You can also check your credit score and get a specialized report called Scofit based on your credit and other expenses for better managing your credit and loans.

Loan AmountUp to ₹ 1 Lakh
Interest Rate1 to 1.5% of Loan Amount Per Month
Loan Tenor3 to 12 months
Processing Fee3% of Loan Amount (Minimum ₹500)
Early Repayment Fee2% of outstanding loan amount
Late Fee2% of EMI Amount per week

To make it even more affordable for you on the occasion of the new year Credy offers a discount of Rs 500 as cashback for everyone who has got their loan application approved by Credy. After approval of your loan, the cashback is credited to your bank account thus reaping the benefits as soon as your loan amount is disbursed. Here are the details for how to avail the offer and make your new year more special.

  • Coupon code: NEWYEAR
  • Valid till: 15th January 2020
  • Amount: ₹500
  • Apply and complete the loan application before Oct31st. If disbursed, the amount will be credited to your bank account.

We hope all your dreams come true and you have a great year ahead.