Get a quick personal loan online from Credy

At times you will want liquid cash quick in your hands for any unplanned expense that might arise or an emergency. A quick personal loan from Credy is instantly approved and credited to your bank account within hours. Our process is hasslefree and assures a quick disbursal of loans for any kind of emergency that might arise in your life. If you are a salaried person living in India with a decent credit report, you can get a loan from us instantly. Your application is approved as soon as you provide us your personal details online. Keeping the process simple and fast, we require no physical document verification. All the verification and application process is taken care online to keep the process streamlined and transparent. In a matter of clicks, you can check eligibility on our website and Android App and send us a loan application. Unlike most banks, our approval process is quick to ensure you can get the cash at your disposal at the time of your need. We value the essence of time and put in our best efforts to provide quick personal loans to everyone in need with a decent past credit record or CIBIL score.

If you want a quick personal loan, you can signup on our website or app and send us your basic personal details along with your salary account statement. Your bank statement indicates your income stability, which is an important indicator of a good loan for us. Therefore, to ensure we approve your loan instantly, you need to keep few things in mind before sending the application. Ensure, you have a fixed salary credited to your account directly, your salary is not less than 15000 per month, you have a good credit score without any defaults in your credit report. A personal loan is an unsecured loan that means you do not require any collateral for the loan. Thus, your salary statement and credit report are very important based on which a loan can be granted. Every lender will have a background check to ensure the loanee is capable to bear the EMIs along with the interest rate. So, always keep your past credit record clean and if you are a first-time loanee, ensure you have a good salary with stable income over a long period. We strive to be a helping hand in everyone’s need with a quick personal loan that does not require you to run behind a bank to get the application approved.

Why take a personal loan?

A Personal loan is an unsecured loan that is granted to any salaried person with a good past credit history and no default in their past. The biggest benefit of a personal loan is its instant approval and quick disbursal. A personal loan does also puts a lesser burden on a salaried person as you have flexible interest rates along with minimal charges. The absence of collateral makes it ideal for people without their own house or property to secure a personal loan. Any salaried person above a minimum threshold salary can get a personal loan. Here are some more benefits that make personal a popular choice among salaried individuals in our country:

  1. Low-Interest Rates: generally a personal loan is more affordable than any other type of loan. The interest rates are flexible and charged monthly, making it flexible for the loanee to pay less as interest for the loan. At Credy we have a flexible interest rate policy ranging from 1-1.5% per month. To keep the interests lower, you can choose a shorter repayment period and pay less on overheads for your loan.
  2. Quick Approval: a personal loan has a very quick approval process. Unlike other loans, a personal loan is approved quickly without in a much shorter time. Being the process online, the application can be submitted through the web portal or app. You are not required to visit branches or send in a physical application with documents for your loan. You are required to submit some basic information online for us to verify your creditworthiness and approve your loan application instantly.
  3. Minimal documentation: getting a personal loan from Credy is as simple as clicking a few buttons on your keyboard or smartphone. Just signup on our website or app and provide your personal information along with your salary statement. Based on the information provided we will check your eligibility and forward your loan application. Our team of experts and field agents will ensure you never have to visit us. Our field agents will visit you at your home and verify the original copies of the documents you submitted with the application online. After the physical verification step, you can expect the amount to be credited directly in your bank account within the next NEFT hours.
  4. Flexible Tenure: we have a flexible loan tenure from 3-12 months. You can choose the tenure suited to your needs and salary. The flexible tenure ensures you will not have a hard time paying your EMIs every month. You can calculate your expenses and set a fixed sum aside for your EMI without affecting your overall monthly budget.
  5. Minimal charges: at Credy we charge a minimal 3% on the overall loan amount as processing fee making it affordable for every average salaried person. There are no hidden or extra charges levied on your loan. You simply pay a one time charge of 3% which is deducted directly from your approved loan amount before crediting to your bank account. Throughout the loan tenure, you just pay the interest rate which can vary from 1-1.5% fixed at the time of approval of your loan. Unless you delay in your EMI payment or choosing an early repayment, there are no charges or hidden fees on your loan.
  6. Disbursal in 24 hours: a personal loan is quickly disbursed within 24 hours from the time of application. This makes it ideal for any emergency situation that might arise where you want quick funds straight in your bank account.
  7. Flexible usage: a personal loan is credited directly to your bank account. There are no restrictions on how you can use the loan and for what purpose. Once the loan is approved you can use it for any purpose you want. It gives you the flexibility to use the funds equally for various purposes without restriction.

How to get a loan fast from Credy?

You can get a loan fast online with minimum documentation and quick approval. Before you apply for a personal loan, it is ideal to check your eligibility for the lender. Every lender is different and will have its own criteria for eligibility. It is thus recommended to check eligibility for individual lenders then send your loan application so that your application is not rejected. At Credy, we believe in a quick and transparent process for every loan application and thus maintain a streamlined process backed by experts to ensure quick disbursal of loans.

You can visit the Credy website or download our Android App, where you can check your eligibility with a few simple information. If you are eligible for a loan from us, signup on our website or app and provide the required details in the online form. After all the necessary information is provided to us, we will have a thorough check along with our state of the art system that will automatically approve your application and assign a field agent. The field agent is responsible for visiting your house and verifying the original documents you had earlier sent us online. After we receive a green signal from the agent your loan amount is disbursed from our end through bank transfer. You can expect the amount to be credited to your bank account within 24 hours from the time your application is received. In most cases, an individual will receive the fund in his bank account within hours of sending the application. To ensure your disbursal is quick, ensure all your documents and credit score are healthy for a loan. Our process is streamlined and organized allowing us very quick approval and disbursal time of personal loans.

The online process cuts down the need for physical interference which can delay a loan process unline most banks. Another benefit of taking a personal loan from Credy is the minimum paperwork that is required for a loan to be approved. We never ask for any physical document throughout the process, the original document verification is taken care of by our field agents. You are not required to carry files of papers and stand in the queue to get your application approved from us. You can sit at the comfort of your home and send us a loan request on our website or smartphone app quick and easy. Our team will pounce into action, once your application is received on our automated system. Our dedicated team of experts and willing workers put in their best effort to ensure your loan is credited to your account quick within 24 hours

We even allow for online payment of your EMIs making your loan process a breeze without any hassle. All you need is a laptop or a smartphone to secure a personal loan from Credy. Unless you have a very bad credit report with no other documents to support your creditworthiness, we do not reject an application. We always try to find a way to help everyone in need of urgent funds. Every customer is different with a different need, we personally handle each application to its merit and try to every our customer in securing a loan from us. You can always send us a loan application with a bad credit score or a CIBIL defaulter report. We will try to find a way to help you with funds even though most lenders will reject your application. We at Credy believe in helping people in need by keeping our process transparent and accessible for all.

Quick disbursal and eligibility make personal Loan an ideal choice for most

A personal loan is an ideal choice for most for the quick disbursal time and the minimum eligibility required for securing a personal loan. If you are a salaried person and need a personal loan you can easily get a loan from Credy with minimum documentation. Your application is approved online making it a paperless and quick process, unlike other loans. The online process cuts down redundancy and makes the process quick and streamlined. Once your application is approved in the morning, you can expect the loan amount to be credited to your account by the end of the working hours of that day. The quick disbursal of the loan directly in your bank account provides a lot of benefits for people requiring urgent cash. You do not have to wait for days or even months to get your loan approved in the case of banks. The application process at Credy is quick and hasslefree with focus at a quick and easy loan process for all.

The eligibility is feasible for most working people in the country who holds a salary account and the salary is credited to the account every month. The salary statement works as our indicator of your creditworthiness for the disbursal of your loan. We have very basic eligibility criteria based on your monthly salary and location.

If you are in the above-mentioned areas with a good credit score and a stable monthly salary, you can get a personal loan instantly for us. We do not require any collateral or physical documents for approving your loan application. All the process is to be done online and requires very little effort. We ensure quick disbursal of the loan directly in your bank account which you can use in any purpose you may like. The Interest rates are nominal ranging from 1-1.5% with a one time fixed processing fee of only 3% on the approved loan amount. The flexibility and affordability of a personal loan make it ideal for any salaried person to acquire a loan quickly from Credy.