1. I/We certify that the information furnished above and documents provided are true & accurate and no material information has been withheld/ suppressed. In case any of the above information is found to be false or untrue or misleading or misrepresenting, I/We are aware that I/We may be held liable for it. I/We understand that such information and documents shall be used and relied upon by Fullerton India Credit Company Limited (“FICCL”) for the purpose of sanctioning and granting the loan. I/We also understand that other websites/mobile applications that I/We may access via website/mobile application may have different privacy policies and access to such web sites/mobile application will not be subject to this privacy policy. I/We have read the privacy statement of each such websites/mobile applications to find out how they protect my/our personal information
  2. I/We hereby authorize & give consent to FICCL to disclose without notice to me/us, information furnished by me/us in application form/related documents executed/or to be executed in relation to the facilities availed from FICCL, to FICCL’s other branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, Credit Information Companies (“CIC’s”) as defined under the Credit Information Companies (Regulation) Act, 2005, Information Utilities (“IU’s”) as defined under IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2017, Rating agencies, Service Providers, Banks/Financial Institutions, Government/Regulatory authorities or third parties for KYC information verification, credit risk analysis, or for other related purposes that FICCL may deem fit. I/We waive the privilege of Privacy & Privity of Contract available under laws/regulations or otherwise and such disclosure shall not amount to breach of any law, rule, regulation etc. in force.
  3. I/We confirm that no insolvency/winding up proceeding or suits for recovery of the outstanding dues or monies whatsoever or for attachment of my/our assets or properties and/or criminal proceedings have been initiated and/or pending or decided against me/us and that I/we have never been adjudicated insolvent by any court or other authority.
  4. I/We understand that sanction/grant of the loan is at the sole discretion of FICCL and FICCL shall be entitled to reject my/our application without assigning any reason whatsoever. Further, disbursement of the Loan will be subject to execution of necessary documents, furnishing of security(ies), non- occurrence of an event of default or a material event which in the opinion of FICCL might affect my/our ability to fulfill the contractual terms of the Loan and completion of other formalities as required by FICCL. I/We further agree that my/our loan transaction shall be subject to the terms or conditions of FICCL, which may be in force or amended from time to time with prospective effect.
  5. I/We confirm that the loan shall be used for the stated purpose and will not be used for any speculative or antisocial purpose.
  6. I/We undertake to inform FICCL in writing regarding any change in my/our residential or employment address.
  7. FICCL may contact me via phone or e-mail or through any electronic or other means or through third parties with information on new products and services, for Top-up loans, for selling third party products for EMI and other payment reminders and assist me in using any of FICCL’s new offerings irrespective of the outcome of this loan application.
    For the above I/We would like to receive telephonic calls, or SMS or other electronic texts or information on my mobile number mentioned in the Application form, or through any other communication mode, various loan offer schemes or any loan/other promotional schemes from FICCL, its employees, agents, and/or associates.
  8. FICCL reserves the right to retain the photographs and documents submitted by me/us along with this application and hence will not be required to return the same to me/us.
  9. I/We am/are aware that the upfront application fees and the applicable taxes collected from me at the time of application are non-refundable under all circumstances.
  10. I/We, the holder/holders of Aadhar / Virtual ID (respectively) hereby authorize and give consent to FICCL to obtain / verify my/our Aadhar No. / Virtual ID No., name and fingerprints/Iris and also to store/share/use my/our biometrics to be submitted to Central Identities Data Repository; furnished by me/us in application form/related documents executed/or to be executed in relation to the facilities availed/to be availed from FICCL, to FICCL’s other branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, CIC’s, IU’s, Rating agencies, Service Providers, Banks/Financial Institutions, Government/Regulatory authorities for the purposes of authentication with UIDAI. I/We waive the privilege of Privacy & Privity of Contract and such disclosure or use of the aforesaid information shall not amount to breach of any law, rule, regulation etc in force.
  11. I/We confirm having read and understood the terms and conditions applicable to this loan application and accept the terms and conditions of availing finance from FICCL unconditionally and agree that these terms and conditions may be changed by FICCL at any time and I/We will be bound by the amended terms and conditions on a prospective basis.
  12. I/We confirm GST registration information and registration number provided is true and correct.
  13. I/We understand that if my/our GST registration number is not provided or is incorrect, then GST Authority may not grant me/us GST Input Credit for GST on charges and accordingly I/We indemnify FICCL against any and all claims arising in this regard.

    I/We confirm that the aforesaid activities are permitted by my own consent and accordingly laws/regulations in relation to the unsolicited communication referred in “National Do Not Call Registry” (The “NDNC Registry”) as laid down by TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA will not be applicable for such communication/calls/ SMSes/ received from FICCL, its employees, agents, partners and/or associates.


I/We confirm that the executive collecting my application/documents has informed me/us that:

  • The interest will be charged on the principal amount of the loan advanced and outstanding from time to time, at the rate agreed between the parties and as stated in the loan documents
  • Processing fees/ Documentation fee charged towards loan application will be mentioned in the loan agreement
  • The net amount to be disbursed will be calculated after deducting the Processing fees/ Documentation fee as per loan agreement. The Interest will be charged on the gross loan amount
  • Taxes as maybe applicable will be charged in connection with the loan.
  • FICCL will not be liable for loss or delay in receipt of documents. Incomplete/ defective applications will not be processed and FICCL shall not be responsible in any manner for the resulting delay or otherwise.
  • If my application is accepted and/ or my loan is sanctioned all and/or any disbursals may be made through a mode of Cheque/NFTS/RTGS and I shall provide all such necessary information to facilitate the same.
  • Loan Prepayment charges will be charged towards loan closure before end of tenor and will be mentioned in the loan agreement.
  • Loan prepayment charges are levied/ calculated on the Principal Loan Amount Outstanding on the date of prepayment.
  • Additional Charges or such other amount as may be specified by FICCL from time to time plus applicable taxes and/or other statutory levies would be applicable and will be mentioned in the loan agreement.
I/We confirm that No payment in cash, bearer cheque or kind along with or in connection with this loan application has been collected from me/us and that I/We have submitted self-attested copies of the documents listed in the checklist.

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